2017 Tuesday At The Shell Submission Dates and Rules Deadline May 10th

2017 Tuesday at The Shell Dates:

  • Tuesday Evenings beginning July 11 and ending August 29th from 6 to 8 in the evening. Rain date Sept 5th.

Band Submissions:

  • Bands must be current 2017 MAAM Members.
  • Bands must submit press packets. Bands will be scored on 5 points. Musical Performance, Stage Presence, Overall Press Package, Activity as a MAAM Member and Good Event Fit.
  • Send Press Package to kenoshamaam@yahoo.com
  • Compensation in most cases will be $200.
  • Solo Artists, Duos and some Trios will be paired up and receive one hour slots at $100 each. The MAAM selections committee reserves the right to determine pairing.
  • Deadline Midnight May 10th, 2017. No Submissions Will Be Accepted After May 10th.
  • Email submission to kenoshamaam@yahoo.com or drop off at CD DVD GAME Warehouse, 3717 80h Street. Kenosha
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2017 Board Nominations

It is that time of the year again. This year there will be two positions open on the MAAM Board.  Don’t you think it’s time to step up and become involved?

Accomplishments this year…

The Tuesday at the Shell Committee headed by Rick Branch made $2,000 over and above the cost of putting on the 8 week Concert Series.  The board voted last Monday night to transfer that $2,000 to the Kenosha Comes Alive Grant Fund.

The Kenosha Comes Alive CD Committee made about $460, money that will also go into the Kenosha Comes Alive Grant Fund.  Now invitations will go out to KUSD Music Program Teachers in the High School AND Middle School Levels to apply for a Grant.  These are moneys that the KUSD Music Teachers will use to purchase those items that are not in the KUSD Music Program Budget.  Items such as recording mics, guitar strings, sheet music, orchestra chairs and recording time.  Teachers will be awarded the grants at the Band O Rama event in February 2017.

Many thanks go out to all of the board for their hard work this year.




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June 2016 MAAM Newsletter

June 2016 MAAM Newsletter


We have a very busy summer ahead of us! Go to www.kenoshamaam.com see our many projects!

This Monday at Champions on 50th st right here in Ktown, stop in around 8pm for our monthly MAAMJAM. It is always a blast and a great way to meet other musicians in the area.

Tuesdays at the Shell is totally booked, set those 8 Tuesdays in July and August aside and come out to see some of the areas finest local artists. You can find the schedule in Happenings Magazine and at our website.

If you see a MAAM event on Facebook, please share it…help us get the word out!!

Get your gigs posted on Facebook by our super helpful Gigmaster…Angie, just go to our webstie and click on the “post your gigs” tab to make that happen.

Friends of the Museum are looking for 4 or 5 artists or bands to play at their Art Fair event on Sunday July 17th. For about 45 min each, in return they will give you food tickets, free advertising in their program booklet and allow you to sell your merch at the event. This is usually a well attended event with over 5000 people coming through the area. Please contact Miles Hartley at 262-308-3295 if you have any interest in performing. In will be outdoors right behind the 2 museums in the Harbor Market area.

Attention!!! If you are interested in being on our compilation Kenosha Comes Alive cd project you need to contact us ASAP!!! The deadline is quickly approaching. Get the info at our website or send Miss Candy an email…. cmecdw@aol.com  she will be happy to provide you with direction.

Dave Ramey is happy to play your music on his radio show on WRLR, contact him at either dramey@wrlr.fm or 847-624-4245


Michael Gniot…call, text or email

262-748-0258 michaelgniot@yahoo.com


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May 2016 MAAM Membership Newletter

May 2016 MAAM Membership Newletter

Hello Hello,

First things first….go to www.kenoshamaam.com and see what is going on with us. We have some cool events that you can be a part of or volunteer for.

If you have any used equipment that you no longer use please consider donating it to our MAAMARAMA dealio, we either sell it and put the proceeds into our MAAM Grant Fund or we donate the musical instruments right to the music teachers who need them for their students. It is a great way to give back to the young musicians coming up.

Don’t forget about our MAAMJAM at Champions on 50th st.  This month we have Paul Kaye and the Blues Cartel as our host band. It is always a good time and a great way to network with other musicians.

If you are looking to get your music on the radio, please contact our friend Dave Ramey at dramey@wrlr.fm  He hosts a music show and would be happy to get your song on the air, either on his show or another show at the station. You can also call him at 847-624-4245

We had over 18 submissions for our Tuesdays at the Shell summer concert series!!!! Look for announcements soon on who will be playing and who will be sponsoring!

If you see a MAAM event on Facebook……please SHARE IT!!

Finally, we still have a few slots left on our 2016 Kenosha Comes Alive compilation CD. Go to our website to find out how to submit to this great project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Michael Gniot…call, text or email

262-748-0258 michaelgniot@yahoo.com

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April Membership Newsletter

April 2016 MAAM membership newsletter

Greetings everyone!

If you have not had a chance to go to the MAAM website lately, I suggest that you do that soon. We have updated many of the tabs there with what you need to do if you wish to……

Play at Tuesdays at the Shell, www.kenoshamaam.com

Host or attend our monthly MAAMJAM, www.kenoshamaam.com

Participate in the Kenosha Comes Alive compilation cd, www.kenoshamaam.com

Volunteer at any of our events, www.kenoshamaam.com

Advertise where you band is playing weekly, www.kenoshamaam.com

Donate any and all used or new musical items that you no longer  want, www.kenoshamaam.com

Become a Board member, www.kenoshamaam.com

MAAM had its monthly board meeting last Monday April 11th and here are a few things that were discussed and decided on…btw, you can always see the board meeting minutes at……. www.kenoshamaam.com …..

SAVE THE DATE!!! July 24th will be the Kenosha Comes Alive cd release launch party MAAM fundraiser at Fusion.  www.kenoshafusion.com is where you can learn all about that amazing venue and the Kenosha Performing Arts Association.

The MAAM Board meets on the 2nd Monday of every month, 7pm at tg’s.

The general MAAM membership meeting in held on the 3rd Monday of every month along with our MAAMJAM at Champions Sports Bar on 50th st.

Monday, April 18th, will feature The Joe Powers Band. Come on out and join us for a night of music and fun. Art from Champions usually has a nice dinner special that he runs for MAAM members and Lori always runs a tight ship with getting all of the jammers on stage.

Please invite your circle of friends to join MAAM, the more the merrier!

If you see a MAAM event on Facebook, please share it, help us get the word out……remember….. don’t just hope for a music scene…..BE the music scene!!!

If you have any questions or concerns I can always be reached via phone or text at 262-748-0258 or via email atmichaelgniot@yahoo.com

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Kenosha Comes Alive 2016 CD Needs You!

Yes, MAAM will be running this very popular fundraiser again this year. To date we have donated over $9,000 through the *MAAM KCA GRANT FUND. If you are interested in being on this compilation cd, please email Candy Eisenhauer at cmecdw@aol.com  This is a first come first basis, so make sure you get on the list.  We will allow 15 to 18 acts on the cd.
Our guidelines are as follows:
1.   Must be an original song
2.  No foul or inflammatory lyrics
3.  $100  submission fee (this will include your $10 membership fee is you have not already paid it)
4.  Meet our deadlines!!!! keep in mind 15 to 18 different acts coming together on one cd is a very difficult process.
5.  We accept ALL styles and skill levels, remember…this will represent you…so submit your BEST recording.
6. The CD is released late spring or early summer.  Absolutely no later then the end of July at the Taste of Wisconsin.  We ask that each artist be on hand to man our MAAM cd sales booth for 2 hrs on one of the 3 days for the Taste of Wisconsin Event.  This is our major sales weekend as there are approximately 42,000 who cross those grounds that weekend.  We need you to sell your song to those festival goers.  A tent, table, chairs, cd player and headphones will be available to help you talk it up.  Let’s double our sales from previous years.
What you get out of this as an artist

  1. Helping young musicians (remember, this is the future of our local music scene!!! (Lets grow it!!!)
    2.  Your music will be on professionally produced CD.
    3.  Once you put in your time at the MAAM booth you will receive 15 cd’s and 15 download cards for CD Baby to do with as you please….give away, sell…whatever you want a $300 value!!
    4.  Your music will be put in front of many people who otherwise would never get a chance to hear you.  Once again, $42,000 people enter the gates at Taste of Wisconsin alone.  We will also feature the CD at the 8 Tuesday at the Shell Concert Series July thru August.  They are always available for sale at CD DVD GAME Warehouse and Kenosha Performing Arts Center Fusion.
    5.  Networking!! The number ONE thing you need as an artist….contacts!!
  1. This year we plan to have a CD Release Party at Fusion. Plans for this event are still in the works but it will showcase you, your music and your generosity.


If you are interested please email cmecdw@aol.com or if you have any questions you can call Candy at 262-652-0127 (Home office) or 262-496-9400 (Cell Phone)

Let’s put this thing together and make it the best Kenosha Comes Alive CD Yet.  Final mixing will be done by Renwood Recording Studio, Art work by Sick Smile Graphics and CD duplication by CD DVD GAME Warehouse.

*All proceeds from the sales of these CDs goes the MAAM’s KCA Grant Fund.  Every year MAAM allows Kenosha Unified School District Music Teachers request a grant amount up to $300.  These are for items like guitar strings, orchestra chairs, sheet music, we’ve even given money for saxophone stands and recording projects.  This happens because of you and your generous donation of your talent.

Let’s do this!

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March MAAM Jam

2016 March MAAM Jam

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