2015 Tuesday At The Shell Submission Dates and Rules Deadline May 12th

2015 TATS Announcement

2015 Tuesday at The Shell Dates:

  • Tuesday Evenings beginning July 7th and ending August 25th from 6 to 8 in the evening.

Sound bids accepted:

  • Sound Companies must be current 2015 MAAM Members.
  • Sound Companies must submit equipment list.
  • Sound Companies must submit a bid amount. If sponsorship is included in the price that must be stated during the bidding process.
  • Email bid to kenoshamaan@yahoo.com or drop off at CD DVD GAME Warehouse, 3717 80th Street

Band Submissions:

  • Bands must be current 2015 MAAM Members.
  • Bands must submit press packets. Bands will be scored on 5 points. Musical Performance, Stage Presence, Overall Press Package, Activity as a MAAM Member and Good Event Fit.
  • Send Press Package to kenoshamaam@yahoo.com
  • Compensation in most cases will be $200.
  • Solo Artists, Duos and some Trios will be paired up and receive one hour slots at $100 each. The MAAM selections committee reserves the right to determine pairing.
  • Deadline Midnight May 12th, 2015. No Submissions Will Be Accepted After May 12th.
  • Email submission to kenoshamaam@yahoo.com or drop off at CD DVD GAME Warehouse, 3717 80h Street. Kenosha
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