Kenosha Come Alive CD Needs YOU

Yes, MAAM will be running this very very popular fundraiser again this year. To date we have donated over 8000 dollars to the neediest Kenosha area music students through the MAAM GRANT FUND. If you are interested in being on this compilation project, please email Aimee Crucianelli at This is a first come first served type of deal, so make sure you get on the list..we will only put 15 acts on the project. This year we will make download cards available along with cds.
Our guidelines are as follows:
1. Must be an original song
2. No foul or inflammatory lyrics
3. $100 dollar submission fee
4. Meet our deadlines!!!! keep in mind 15 different acts coming together on one cd is a very difficult process.
5. We accept ALL styles and skill levels, remember…this will represent you…so you will need to submit your BEST recording.
6. The project is released at the end of July at the Taste of Wisconsin, each artist will need to man our MAAM sales booth for 2hrs on one of the 3 days that the fest runs
7. If you have been on a previous can still submit but we do give dibs to artists that have not submitted on previous cd’s
8. You MUST be a member of MAAM!! (we can make that happen very easy, it is only a $10 fee for the year and is included with your submission fee)
What you get out of this as an artist
1. Helping young musicians who desperately need it (remember, this is the future of our local music scene!!! lets grow it!!!)
2. Your music will be on professionally put together cd
3. Once you put in your time at the MAAM booth you will receive 30 cd’s or download cards to do with as you please….give away, sell…whatever you want…300 dollar value!!
4. Your music will be put in front of many many people who otherwise would never get a chance to hear you.
5. Networking!! The number ONE thing you need as an artist….contacts!!
If you are interested please email or call her at 262-748-6978. Once again all proceeds after expenses go to student music programs in our area.

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