Letter from the President 2016

Letter from the President

Michael Gniot 1Hello fellow MAAM members….. Jump in!!!

I am honored once again to have been nominated and voted in as your President.
2016 is a very exciting year for MAAM. The current board, which consists of Lori Lewis, Mandy Zahn, Rogers Randle, Rick Branch and myself is moving at a very quick pace to organize and present some of the events that you have grown to appreciate. We are already setting up sponsors for Tuesday’s at the Shell. Getting ready to solicit bands for the Kenosha Comes Alive compilation cd and well into our monthly MAAMJAM which is hosted by Champions Sports Bar.
If you have been on the sideline thinking about checking us out, then this is the year you should jump in!
If you have helped out in the past but then grew distracted with other things, then I encourage you to come back and jump in!
If you are not a musician but you love music, then jump in!
If you love Kenosha and want to help us increase the artistic culture, then jump in!
We have a lot of cool things going on and all you need to do is jump in and join MAAM. You will not regret it!!

Michael Gniot

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