2017 Board Nominations

It is that time of the year again. This year there will be two positions open on the MAAM Board.  Don’t you think it’s time to step up and become involved?

Accomplishments this year…

The Tuesday at the Shell Committee headed by Rick Branch made $2,000 over and above the cost of putting on the 8 week Concert Series.  The board voted last Monday night to transfer that $2,000 to the Kenosha Comes Alive Grant Fund.

The Kenosha Comes Alive CD Committee made about $460, money that will also go into the Kenosha Comes Alive Grant Fund.  Now invitations will go out to KUSD Music Program Teachers in the High School AND Middle School Levels to apply for a Grant.  These are moneys that the KUSD Music Teachers will use to purchase those items that are not in the KUSD Music Program Budget.  Items such as recording mics, guitar strings, sheet music, orchestra chairs and recording time.  Teachers will be awarded the grants at the Band O Rama event in February 2017.

Many thanks go out to all of the board for their hard work this year.




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