KCA CD 2018

Yes, MAAM will be running this very popular fundraiser again this year. To date we have donated over $12,000 through the *MAAM KCA GRANT FUND. If you are interested in being on this compilation CD, please email Matt Schultz at matt@qmxtech.com. This is a first come first basis, so make sure you get on the list. We will allow 15 to 18 acts on the cd.

Our guidelines are as follows:

1. Must be an original song
2. No foul or inflammatory lyrics
3. $100 submission fee (this will include your $10 membership fee is you have not already paid it)
4. Meet our deadlines!!!! Must be in with money by June 15the, keep in mind 15 to 18 different acts coming together on one cd is a very difficult process.
5. We accept ALL styles and skill levels, remember…this will represent you…so submit your BEST recording.
6. The CD is released late spring or early summer. Absolutely no later then the end of July at the Taste of Wisconsin. We ask that each artist be on hand to man our MAAM cd sales booth for 2hrs on one of the 3 days for the Taste of Wisconsin Event July 28, 29 & 30th. This is our major sales weekend as there are approximately 42,000 who cross those grounds that weekend. We need you to sell your song to those festival goers. A tent, table, chairs, cd player and headphones will be available to help you talk it up. Let’s double our sales from previous years.

What you get out of this as an artist

1. Helping young musicians (remember, this is the future of our local music scene!!! (Lets grow it!!!)
2. Your music will be on professionally produced CD.
3. Once you put in your time at the MAAM booth you will receive 15 cd’s a $150 value!!
4. Your music will be put in front of many people who otherwise would never get a chance to hear you. Once again, $42,000 people enter the gates at Taste of Wisconsin alone. We will also feature the CD at the 8 Tuesday at the Shell Concert Series July thru August. They are always available for sale at CD DVD GAME Warehouse and Kenosha Performing Arts Center’s “Fusion”.
5. Networking!! The number ONE thing you need as an artist….contacts!!

If you are interested please email Matt matt@qmxtech.com or if you have any questions you can call Matt at 262-308-2885
Let’s put this thing together and make it the best Kenosha Comes Alive CD Yet. Final mixing will be done by Renwood Recording Studio, Art work by Sick Smile Graphics and CD duplication by CD DVD GAME Warehouse.

*All proceeds from the sales of these CDs goes the MAAM’s KCA Grant Fund. Every year MAAM allows Kenosha Unified School District Music Teachers and low income families request a grant amount up to $300. These are for items like guitar strings, orchestra chairs, sheet music, and music lessons. We’ve even given money for saxophone stands and recording projects. This happens because of you and your generous donation of your talent.

Let’s do this!

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