Meeting Minutes 11.12.17

NOVEMBER 12, 2017

Michael Gniot
Rick Branch
Candy Eisenhauer
Rogers Randle
Lori Lewis
Brittney Cotter
Matt Schultz

  • Meeting called to order
  • MAAM Christmas Party to be held at Kenosha Fusion on December 18th at 7pm
  • Acoustic Soul to host open jam during Christmas Party
  • Angie to provide Don Miller details on party – and he will promote the event via Fusion
  • Christmas party budget to be approximately $200 for food and $100 for raffle & door prizes
  • Michael to talk with Kris Osborne from Mac’s deli about catering finger foods for party
  • Michael to contact Kris Osborne and Danny Crucianelli from Music go Round regarding donations for raffle & door prizes at party
  • Rogers to contact Boathouse about donation for raffle or door prize at party
  • Lori Lewis to contact Art from Champions regarding donation for raffle or door prize at party
  • Angie to donate hot food items for the party
  • Brittney Cotter was in attendance and expressed interest in assisting MAAM with marketing – the board welcomed Brittany’s assistance
  • Matt Schultz gave update on KCA CD – Candy suggested a few minor edits to flyer
  • Angie – motion to move money to MAAM grant fund – motion seconded by Rogers
  • Candy to provide Angie with email copy of MAAM grant fund applications
  • Angie to distribute applications to KUSD music instructors at all schools
  • MAAM grant application to allow KUSD music instructors to distribute funds for student’s music education outside the classroom in addition to purchasing items for the classroom setting.
  • Music education may include private lessons and instrument rental fees. Application will encourage music instructor to document distributions, to include description as to what the funds were used for and by which student.
  • Lori Lewis encouraged MAAM board members to attend the MAAM jam in person, 3rd Monday of every month.
  • Lori Requested $10 membership fee donation for bands performing at MAAM jam is waived. The board did not approve the $10 membership fee donation to be waived at this time.
  • Meeting Adjourned
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