Meeting Minutes 01.08.18

Angie Juliana
Michael Gniot
Brittney Cotter
Candy Eisenhauer
Rick Branch
Keith Garofolo
Amy Ashley-Garofolo

  • Motion to move treasurer back to a board position – motion 2nd – all are in favor
  • Motion to nominate Michael Gniot as 2018 MAAM president – motion 2nd – all are in favor
  • A written description of the role and responsibilities of each board member is needed. It is agreed that each board member (Treasurer, Secretary, President and Vice President) will write the description and have it ready for presentation at February 2018 meeting. Michael Gniot will write the president and vice president role description. Angie will write secretary, Candy will write treasurer.
  • Motion to nominate Candy Eisenhauer as treasurer – motion 2nd – all are in favor
  • Motion to nominate Angie Juliana as secretary – motion 2nd – all are in favor
  • Committees are important and expectation is that committee chairs and members will seamlessly run their committees and carry out their action items.
  • 2017 Christmas party went well, there were 27 new membership applications. The board discussed and agrees, there should be consideration of having a Christmas party committee for 2018, committee would gather in the fall, to begin planning and obtaining raffle and door prize donations. Committee will also come early to set up and stay to clean up.
  • Brittney to edit 2017 MAAM grant application to reflect 2018 language, including the ability for music instructors to apply for grant funds to be applied to music education outside of the classroom setting; such as private lessons and instrument rental.
  • Angie to email 2018 MAAM grant application to KUSD band, choir and orchestra instructors by end of this week 01/12/2018. Candy to present MAAM grant winners at 2018 Band o Rama.
  • Matt Schultz to chair Kenosha Comes Alive CD committee – – volunteers are needed and it’s encouraged that other MAAM members be engaged to volunteer on this committee.
  • Rick Branch to Chair the Tuesdays at the Shell Committee – volunteers are needed and it’s encouraged that other MAAM members be engaged to volunteer on this committee.
  • Keith and Amy to participate in the MAAM Jam Committee, and will assist Lori Lewis who will remain the chair of this committee. Keith, Amy and Lori will work together to promote the jam and secure hosts for each jam throughout 2018. All MAAM members to work diligently to promote the monthly MAAM jam on Facebook and through all outlets possible.
  • Candy to take inventory of MAAM o Rama items in storage and provide an update to the board. Candy to work to get momentum moving on MAAM o Rama items.
  • Brittney to check if Word Press has a newer version – which would allow bands who submit their gigs, to auto populate straight to the web page, without a member of MAAM having to manually retrieve submission and post it on the page. If a version is available that offers this, a fee to upgrade will most likely be required. MAAM board to vote on fees required to upgrade after Brittney provides options.
  • Board discussed and agrees that the board and committee meetings will remain on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm at Tgs.
  • Brittney to begin sending a monthly MAAM newsletter to all MAAM members and will also post newsletter on MAAM webpage.
  • Angie & Amy to update the shared membership log with all 2018 MAAM memberships.
  • Board discussed and agrees that MAAM will maintain its independence as a non-profit entity and autonomy from KPAA – but will continue to work as a partner with KPAA and potentially join efforts for future events such as possibly the MAAM jam, MAAM Christmas party and other joint efforts to promote music in the community.
  • Angie to obtain board member’s names and addresses and email them to Candy. Candy to then complete non-profit registration which is already paid for with MAAM funds – only remaining items needed are the board member’s names and addresses.
  • Motion to adjourn meeting – motion 2nd – all in favor
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