Meeting Minutes 02.12.18

Angie Juliana
Brittney Cotter
Candy Eisenhauer
Cathy Loesch
Keith Garofolo
Amy Ashley-Garofolo
Matt Schultz

Meeting called to order

Motion to approve January 2018 meeting minutes – 2nd & all in favor

Motion to approve treasurer’s report – 2nd & all in favor

Candy to write a letter requesting attorney Frank Parise’s support in giving a referral to MAAM’s non-profit status and MAAM activities in the community. Angie to send letter to Frank and ask if he would be interested in signing to support MAAMs final steps in applying for non-profit status.

Candy to email Keith membership applications for use at MAAM Jam

Candy to grant Amy access to the shared membership google doc

Angie / Candy reported on 2018 MAAM Grant recipients – 5 Grants issued to KUSD music instructors at Band o Rama in January 2018. Ms. Kamikai (Bradford), Mr. Mueller (Bradford), Mr. Rallo (Reuther), Ms. Ripley (Tremper), and Mr. Dickenson (Washington).

Angie & Amy committed to updating 2018 Google shared doc by end of next 2 weeks – with all 2018 MAAM members. They will work with Candy if assistance is needed accessing google doc.

Board agrees Brittany will list all committees on the MAAM website – to include committee chairs and their contact information, names of committee members as well as a description of what each committee does.

Committees and corresponding Chairpersons are MAAM Jam (Lori Lewis), Kenosha Comes Alive CD (Matt Schultz), Marketing (Brittney Cotter), Tuesdays at the Shell (Rick Branch), MAAM a Rama (Candy Eisenhauer) and Christmas Party (TBA)

Matt Schultz – update on KCA CD – all artists to have their submissions in by May 31st

Board would like to request update from Rick on Tuesdays at the shell – Board suggests that all TATS submissions be in on or before May 15th 2018.

Michael presented suggestions via Brittney to MAAM Jam Guidelines – host band should play for about 30-45 min max vs. an hour. Clarify the wording to reflect that host bands must arrive early enough to set up and be ready for a start time of 8pm

MAAM A Rama update – Candy has items in her basement – inventory needs to be taken and testing needs to be done to see which items work and can be sold. Keith offered to assist Candy with testing and taking inventory. After testing and inventory is complete – the board will determine next steps for the MAAM a Rama and handling of the items.

Angie delivered the new membership fees and raffle monies taken in from the Christmas party to Candy along with the receipts for raffle items she purchased for the party.

Brittney’s goal is to continue updating the MAAM website and make it as robust as possible. Board all agree that website is looking good.

Candy suggested we put an application on the MAAM website for families / students in need of funds to pay for music related education. This will be open to KUSD teachers, private lesson teachers as well as parents to apply for students in need. Brittney will update the application to be online facing, and the board will vote during March 2018 meeting, to place the application on the website. Board agrees to put a max of $100.00 per online grant.

Motion to adjourn – 2nd & all in favor

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