Meeting Minutes 03.12.18

MAAM Board Meeting

March 12, 2018



Michael Gniot

Brittney Cotter

Keith Garofalo

Amy Garofalo

Candy Eisenhauer


Meeting called to order

Motion to approve February meetings minutes – 2nd & all in favor

Vice President updates: Brittney’s schedule and locaiton will be changing this year. It will be important for committees and members to send event information to her for marketing. Keith volunteers to focus on MAAM Jam event marketing.

CALL TO ACTION: Brittney to boost MAAM Jam event page; Brittney to send Keith MAAM logo

Motion to approve treasurer’s report – 2nd & all in favor

Membership google doc update: Amy completed updating her share of members to the log.

CALL TO ACTION: Angie to complete adding members to google doc

Non-profit status update: MAAM does not need a letter from attorney

CALL TO ACTION: Candy to complete any necessary paper work for non-profit

Website updates: Board member information is updated; plans to add 2013 Bylaws, Membership Log, Events Calendar, KCA Grant Fund Application for Low Income Families

CALL TO ACTION: Candy to send Membership log access to Brittney; Candy to provide KCA CD Artwork; Candy to provide KCA Grant Fund Application by May; Rick (Tuesday at the Shell Committee Chair) to submit event information, application and schedule to Brittney for website updates; Brittney to create “Why join MAAM” page

Christmas Party committee update: reminder to think about joining; looking for a committee chair; to be hosted at Kenosha Fusion

Marketing updates: budget for marketing committee to boost FB events (18 total); motion for maximum of $10 per month from MAAM Paypal for rest of 2018- 2nd & all in favor

CALL TO ACTION: Brittney to make slight changes to website mission statement and present for approval on FB; adjust old posts to “private”

MAAM Jam update: Keith provided update on Feb MAAM Jam, more Racine attendence; Keith to run March & April MAAM Jams; possible FB group page designated for committee?

MAAMARAMA updates: Candy and Keith to begin taking inventory in Spring 2018

Motion to adjorn – 2nd


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