Meeting Minutes 04.09.18

MAAM Board Meeting

April 9, 2018



Angie Juliana
Rick Branch
Michael Gniot
Candy Eisenhauer
Cathy Loesch
Keith Garofolo
Amy Ashley-Garofolo
Matt Schultz


Meeting called to order

Motion to approve March 2018 meeting minutes – 2nd & all in favor

Angie confirmed completion of the 2018 membership roster

CALL TO ACTION: Brittney to post 2018 membership roster on MAAM website

Treasurer’s report – Candy put $150.00 in MAAM PayPal account to be used to sponsor monthly MAAM jam. There is $2,300 remaining to fund MAAM grants. Candy received 6 grant applications from Kenosha Conservatory of Music students.

CALL TO ACTION: Brittney to use $10 per month to sponsor MAAM Jam

Motion to approve funding all 6 grant applications at $100.00 each – 2nd & all in favor

CALL TO ACTION: Candy to contact Kenosha News with a request to publish the 6 grant awards

Going forward at the MAAM Jam – Fusion will provide bass amp, PA, lights, stage and will run the sound board. Host band and / or participating musicians are responsible for providing all other equipment as needed.

Christmas Party committee chairperson for 2018 will be Angie. Keith, Amy and Rick will be committee members. All help from other board and committee members is strongly encouraged. Assistance will be needed in terms of getting donated items for door prizes and general raffle items.

KCA Committee Update – Rustbelt, Ghosts in the Gravel and Rude Rooster are all interested in submitting a song for KCA CD. Matt is waiting to hear back from Marie Martens. Joey will be stopping in at CD DVD warehouse with his submission info.

TATS Committee Update – Ronnie Nyles, Yesterday’s Children, Rustbelt, Dropping Daisies, Ghosts in the Gravel, and Kal Bergendahl Project have all submitted interest to Rick. Rick & Angie to work with Brittney to ensure at least 7 days of promotion for each TATS event. Rick will make sure all bands give a contact number for the radio interview with Frank Carmichael.

MAAM Jam Committee Update – Ghosts in the Gravel hosting this month. Keith and Lori to rotate months and booking musicians to host the jam

MAAM a Rama Committee Update – Candy & Keith to wait until it gets a little warmer and start taking inventory. Matt offered to assist fixing some of the equipment

Marketing Committee Update – Don gave Keith admin access to the Fusion event page – Don wants a member of MAAM to create Fusion / MAAM Facebook events with a combined Fusion / MAAM banner. Keith will work on creating events with the shared Fusion / MAAM banner.

Website Updates to be delivered to Brittney and Marketing Committee for revisions.

Motion to adjorn – 2nd


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