Meeting Minutes 05.14.18

MAAM Board Meeting

May 14, 2018



Rick Branch
Michael Gniot
Brittney Cotter
Cathy Loesch
Keith Garofolo
Amy Ashley-Garofolo
Matt Schultz


Meeting called to order

Motion to approve April 2018 meeting minutes – 2nd & all in favor

Newletter update – Timeline designated to meeting minutes and newsletter

CALL TO ACTION – Monthly meeting is every second monday, Meeting Minutes to be approved and delivered to marketing committee by Wednesday, marketing committee to create, approve and release Monthly Newsletter by Friday

Treasurer update – $600 dispersed for the KCOM grants, KCAVB has signed up for sponsorship, Kenosha News coverage of KCA Grant recipients to come soon, no new changes to financial report

4th of July Proposal from City Attorney’s office asking MAAM to produce music at the bandshell from 5-9pm with a budget of $1,000. Rick offered to assist with event based on feedback from Frank Carmichael.

CALL TO ACTION – Michael to contact Frank and discover options

POST MEETING UPDATE – MAAM to work under Happenings at the Celebration America event with a MAAM stage. More information to come.

Rock Around the Block event through Champions to be planned for June 2019. Cathy volunteered to be Committee Chair for Rock Around the Block.

Website update – Matt is donating time and server space to build new website with more functionality. Targeting new site completion by January 2019. Brittney and Matt to make further changes to current site simultaneously with new site.

CALL TO ACTION – Brittney to add membership list to website. Michael to contact Don Miller regarding MAAM domain name ( & Michael to prepare document including web page updates. Candy to assist with “Why Join MAAM?” statement. Matt and Brittney to begin new website population in August/September.

Future Website Changes – MAAM members to provide Website/Marketing committee with document including specific changes. e.g. “Put X text on X page”. This will allow for most efficient path of changes.

KCA update – Marketing committee sent out KCA email to subscribers and made 2 facebook posts. Resulted in no new submissions. Current CD has 3 band submissions. Motion to boost Facebook post for $10 for KCA CD. – 2nd & all in favor

CALL TO ACTION – Matt to create and disperse flyer for KCA due date. Matt to follow up with Marie Martens and Joey on their submissions. Brittney to boost KCA post.

TATS update – 7 of 8 weeks booked and slotted.

POST MEETING UPDATE – Tuesday’s at the Shell 2018 Dropping Daisies 7/10, Barrcasters 7/17, Rust belt 7/24, Marie Martens and the Messarounds 7/31, Ghosts in the gravel 8/7, Yesterday’s Children 8/14, Kai Anderson and the pickups 8/21, New Vinyls 8/28

MAAM JAM update -events and facebook posts under control; no new changes.

MAAMARAMA update – no new changes.

Marketing update – need for KCA artwork would be ideal for boosted KCA facebook post.

CALL TO ACTION – Candy and/or Matt to produce 2018 KCA artwork to Marketing committee.

Board meetings postponed for summer. Board meeting resume September 10th. Brittney will no longer be at meetings, but will continue to participate and make posts. Michael will be out of the country from end of Memorial Day to June 18th.

Motion to adjorn – 2nd & all in favor


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