MAAM Board and Committees

 2018 MAAM Board

President – Michael Gniot

The President is responsible for setting the monthly agenda, holding other officers accountable for action items throughout the year and attending as many MAAM functions as possible.

Vice President – Brittney Cotter

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the president, writing the monthly newsletter out of the meeting minutes, sharing informational posts about music (both educational and entertainment) and oversee the marketing committee. 

Secretary – Angie Juliana

The Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes during monthly meetings and submit them to the board for approval, assisting with new membership log, assisting with distribution of annual MAAM grant application,  encouraging members to volunteer, promoting MAAM events and assisting with annual holiday party event coordination.

Treasurer – Candy Eisenhauer

The Treasurer is responsible for all aspects of financial management, providing a monthly report of the organizations financial standing and overseeing the MAAM O RAMA committee.

Keith Garofolo                                               

Amy Ashley-Garofolo                                                                                   

Cathy Lee Loesch                                                


MAAM Committees

We are looking for folks just like you!  Consider being a part of making music happen and join a committee!   Please email the committee chairperson or send an email to MAAM at and let us know how you would like to help. Below are descriptions of ways you can add your talents!

Membership committee – BECOME A MEMBER!

The membership committee shall be charged with formulation of all applications for membership, drafting of pledges for membership, recommend members, attract new members, issue of membership cards and execute documentation as may be required to report to the Board of Directors or General Membership regarding membership. Said committee will be comprised of 5 people from any of the 4 levels of membership.

 Marketing Committee

Chairman – Brittney Cotter

The Marketing Committee works with all committees to Communicate and Promote each events program.  The committee actively maintains local community calendars, writes the monthly newsletter, creates media posters, updates social media, takes photographs and works diligently to showcase MAAM’s mission.



Kenosha Comes Alive CD – Chair – Aimee Crucianelli 
Tuesday at the Shell – Chair – Rick Branch
MAAM O RAMA – Chair –  Candy Eisenhauer 
MAAM Jam – Chairman – Lori Lewis
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