MAAM Music Program Grant Fund

Since its inception, MAAM members have been donating and performing their original songs for the Kenosha Comes Alive CD. Along with a few local sponsors these musicians pay for production costs and in past years MAAM has donated the profits from the sale of the CD to the KUSD Music Program.

In 2013 MAAM developed the MAAM Music Program Grant Fund. KUSD Music Program Teachers may now apply directly to MAAM in the form of a grant for funds. In previous years MAAM has awarded grants for guitar strings, saxophone stands, orchestra chairs, recording microphones and travel expenses for Music Program Events.

MAAM Music Program Grant Application 2018

How to fill out the application.
1) The top of the application page gives you specific amounts to request from $25 to $300.
Please check the amount that will come close to fulfilling your need.
2) Person making the request is yourself.
3) Person/Department/Organization/Vendor would simply be who the check should be written to.
4) Please give us a description of what you are purchasing.
5) Please help us make our decision by answering the 3 questions at the bottom of the application.

Deadline for the application is January 24, 2018. Winners will be notified by Jan. 26th and awards will be presented at the 2018 Band O Rama. If you have any questions please email or call 262-496-9400


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